Am I the only one who has hung on to arts and crafts projects their children did while in elementary school? Why can’t I give myself permission to toss some of them away? On the top shelf of a basement closet, an open cardboard box contains many drawings. Up too high for me to actually see, and I can’t bring myself to fetch a step stool and tackle the chore. I was guilty of storing drawings I did in college, stowed away in my parents’ big old home until we sold their house. Not that my father didn’t beg me many times to get rid of them.

What should I do with my sons’ and my mother’s works of art? Years ago, my mom sculpted this woman from Tibet.

Several of our son’s drawings and paintings are framed and hang on the wall. Same goes for my mother’s beautiful sculptures. Those are keepers—works of art. But where should I hang and place photos of future generations?

I was delighted when our older son and his wife and our two grandkids left after Easter dinner with a car full of books, baseball cards, and memorabilia left over from our son’s childhood. And a rebounder recommended to me by an Old Order Amish woman in her young 80s who claims they enhance health. She uses hers 20 minutes every day while she prays. In my enthusiasm I bought one too large for our already crowded basement. Hurray! Our granddaughter decided she can practice gymnastics on mine and begged to take it home. I was ecstatic.

I can’t bear to give away my sons martial arts uniforms.

How about our sons’ sports team jackets and trophies? Not to mention their marshal arts uniforms and belts?

I enjoy seeing books on a bookcase, but the beautiful set of encyclopedia Britannica my father gave my sons is obsolete. I’m not even sure who would take them as a donation. What would you do with them?

I consider how most Amish keep their home clean every day. Our house is clean but a clutter most of the time. A thought: if I clean the house thoroughly enough I’ll come across my missing watch.

Do you tend to hang on to sentimental things the way I do? Any suggestions for de-cluttering? Do you attempt a thorough spring-cleaning or try to keep your home neat all year round? What inspires you to keep a tidy household? How do you deal with your loved-ones possessions?

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