The hustle and bustle of this season seems to be draining my gray matter. Several times, I’ve even forgotten what day it is. A woman in her late 80s was complaining about her memory the other day, yet she knew the exact date and I didn’t!

I need to get real and go over my gift list. Fortunately, it isn’t very long. I don’t send out many Christmas cards, other than to the sales force at David C. Cook, my publishing house. But then I think, am I forgetting someone? I have a girlfriend in California I’ve known since high school; I addressed the cutest card with a fluffy kitty on it, because she loves her cat so much. Which leaves my cousins and aunts …  I just called my 93-year-old aunt (not my 98-year-old aunt) which I’ve been meaning to do but kept forgetting. Writing this post reminded me!

I do not want to make light of serious forgetfulness, like Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia related conditions. Several people in my life suffer from this so I am used to being with my beloved friends who have lost much of their memory. And their spouses, who live with stress and disappointment.

On a lighter note, I did find a lost item recently. I should be too embarrassed to admit it, because I have absolutely no idea how a small wallet ended up in a drawer of our couch’s side table. I’d like to think one of our grandkids spotted it on the floor and put it there, because I have absolutely no recollection. And I’d searched the house thoroughly for six months. Except that one drawer, apparently.

A festive front door

I notice our neighbors have twinkling lights outside, festive wreathes, and decorated trees. This weekend we hope our grandkids will bring their parents over to help us trim our tree, but first we need to erect it! And carry our decorations upstairs. And hide the unopened boxes filled with presents purchased online that clutter the front hall. And gather snacks for them to eat! My husband and I decided that if our grandkids didn’t come over we wouldn’t bother to trim the tree. Does that make us into a couple of Scrooges? We have both been so busy, but at least I’ve amassed a collection of presents, still in their boxes. Not many stocking stuffers yet.

Don’t know what’s inside these boxes I ordered!

How are you doing? Enjoying the season? Taking time to contemplate the meaning and purpose of Christmas? Rushing around amid frantic shoppers trying to second-guess what recipients want? Leave a comment below and enter to win a copy of either Leaving Lancaster or Pennsylvania Patchwork. If you already own them, either would make a great gift! To enter please leave an email address. Winner has one week to respond. USA & Canada!

Congratulations to Karen C, winner of the charming “three sisters” towel and a copy of either Leaving Lancaster or Pennsylvania Patchwork. Thank you, everyone who entered and for your many comments that I thoroughly enjoyed!