Do you ever wonder what life would be like if people knew the real you, with all your quirks and bad-hair days?

Except when in the show ring, do dogs have bad-hair days?

I make it a practice to never wear makeup when going to the doctor’s office. I mean, if I’m sick or have a problem I want my doctor to see the real me, not my face camouflaged by makeup. Especially when going to the dermatologist, which should go without saying. But I do the same thing with all my doctors and they appreciate it.

I wash my face and brush my teeth in the morning, but rarely wear makeup, including when I go out on a morning walk. Sporting a pair of sunglasses doesn’t hurt if I think I might run into someone I know, which I usually do. Well, if I look awful my appearance will only make others feel better about themselves. Do you ever skip makeup as Amish women do?

At my husband’s birthday party, I tried to look my best!

I naturally greet people when I see them, but I am certainly not going to hide if I’m wearing a crummy pair of sweats and my hair is a shambles. Finally learning to love my unruly hair was a huge victory. Have you made peace with your hair?

I’ve heard that adults wear a mask the whole day, except when with their young children. Keeping your frown turned upside down is exhausting. I know, as I once owned a restaurant and worked as a car salesman. Whether trodding the lot or showroom floor or serving customers I felt the pressure to appear cheerful all day at work. However my husband and friends can attest that I don’t always wear a smile.

Do you fake a smile when you feel sad? Fabricating a smile when your kids are trying to push you over the brink can have its advantages, as does restraining your temper. I’m sure my happy face used to drive my sons crazy when they were young and trying to rattle my cage. But sometimes a person needs to get real.

I could use the extra inches, but gave up heels after a lecture from my sports-medicine doctor.

I know of incidences where people have embellished their resumes to land a job. If I did, I would live in constant fear of being found out. Wouldn’t you?

The truth is, not everyone is going to like me no matter how I look and I can live with that. Because someone has a different opinion than I do, doesn’t make either one of us a bad person. And I’ve learned much from others’ criticisms. While I hope readers will like my books, I know this will not always happen.

A dear friend who battled with her weight once asked how I stayed so trim. I told her, “Vanity.” Can you think of instances when vanity is a good trait?

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37” Amish-made table runner from Lancaster County

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