Please welcome my guest author, Pam Jarrell.

It’s a chilly Fall morning here in West Virginia and I am excited that I do not have to rush through anything…yet. And I am equally excited (and honored) to be guest blogging for Kate Lloyd. Kate has asked that I share “My” story with all of you.

At midnight last night, I completed my final part of The Divine Secrets of the Whoopie Pie Sisters, Book #2. Sarah Price, my co-author, has finished her part as well and the book is now in the hands of the final editors and publisher. I never dreamed that I would be co-authoring an Amish fiction novel, let alone watching my first novel actually go to #1 on Amazon overnight in a couple different genres. And to reach #36 in all of Amazon Kindle books… wow. I can only say that once again, God has rained his marvelous blessings down on me. Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate the many journeys that I would experience, which began in January of 2012. What a ride it has been.

I began 2012 not knowing that I would yet again face another battle with thyroid cancer. I had completed and survived my first battle in 2011. But at my 6-month check-up, I was informed that it had returned. I began an 8-week regimen of Radioactive Iodine Therapy. This stuff usually plays havoc with my body and knocks me to the couch. This round was no different, but the wonderful news at the end of it was once again, no cancer.

I was always taught that through the rain comes a rainbow. My rainbow that came from that battle was the day God laid it upon my heart to reach out and start a Facebook group. The beautiful colors of my rainbow turned out to be the lovely friends that I have met because of this group, whom I hold dear to my heart. I love learning about the Amish world. I love to visit, read about and study their culture. I have found that in so many ways they are not as different as I once thought. In my heart, I think my love for the Amish comes from the thought that their way of life fulfills a desire within me for the simple life.  But, I have found that the simple life is much harder than my mind portrays it to be. By reading Amish Fiction, it takes me temporarily into that world, my escape, if even only in my mind.

My Facebook group, Whoopie Pie Book Club (WPBC), was created to help pull others together who love the Amish world and Amish fiction just as much as I do. It became a way in which we can each share and learn new things. A place where many can gather in fellowship, converse and pray for each other. For many years my mother, myself and 3 other women would travel semi-annually to Ohio Amish Country for a retreat of reading Amish fiction, seeing the Amish sights and eating plenty of whoopie pies. At that time, I began calling us the Whoopie Pie Book Club, therefore, when I started my Facebook group I knew this would be the perfect name.

Many ask me how I came to be known as Whoopie Pie Pam. Many years ago, an Amish man who was a dear friend of our family, blessed me with that name. Teasingly, he said every time he saw me; I was never without at least one whoopie pie. To this day, because of him, that is the name I am known by. WPBC, as was pointed out to me by my husband, is my ministry: A little piece of our world where I can spread God’s love. To date, there are over 1300 members in this group.

Late in 2012, I was once again given the news that cancer had returned to my body. At that point, I wondered if it had truly left. This was to be round 3. I was told, by two Doctors, that it had spread to my lymph nodes. I was scheduled for a biopsy, which confirmed that diagnosis. From there, a PET scan, ultra sound, another round of radiation, surgery to rid the cancer from my lymph nodes and a round of chemotherapy was soon scheduled. I was disheartened. But, in my heart, I knew that God had a reason for me to take this grueling journey yet again. Maybe there was one person that I would come in contact with that needed to hear about my wonderful God. I then found out that I was cancer free. Ironically, I was given this wonderful news while being on a sabbatical in Ohio Amish Country: the land where cell phones have no service 99% of the time. That 1% found me that day. I had traveled to Ohio, a place where I find peace, for a small break before facing the surgery that they had previously scheduled to remove the cancer cells in my lymph nodes. Imagine my surprise when the last round of testing came back negative. I can still hear my Doctor’s words, “I’m perplexed.” I wasn’t. I had many people, including the wonderful members of the WPBC praying for me. And the best part… God picked the perfect place for me to receive the news of this miracle. God’s country. Amish country.

About Pam

Whoopie Pie” Pam Jarrell will tell you that she lives in a wacky, wonderful, blessed world where God is her ruler! It is her goal to love, laugh and face each moment with all the passion that she can find within. She and her husband Tom are blessed with 5 children, 3 Son-In-Laws, 6 wonderful, awesome, fantastic Grandchildren and 2 dogs. A loving, dysfunctional family surrounds her.

Pam is the co-author of  the best selling “The Divine Secrets of the Whoopie Pie Sisters Trilogy” and has several cookbooks on the market. These cookbooks include not only mouth-watering recipes but also inspiring stories submitted by some of her fellow authors and dear Whoopie Pie members.

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