Years ago, when wandering through the Quilt Museum in Intercourse, PA, I fell in love with a spectacular quilt. My dearly departed aunt was a marvelous quilter, but this was the most beautiful quilt I’d ever seen. I took photos of it but failed to note the quilter’s name.

The next day, we visited Amish friends who were among the first to read my earliest Amish novel, Leaving Lancaster, even before the publisher, and had loved the book. I mentioned I was looking to buy a genuine Old Order Amish quilt to give away on the book’s release. They said their niece was a quilter and gave us her telephone number, warning that the phone went to a phone shanty. The quilter’s name? Emma Stoltzfus.

Back in our car my husband exclaimed that Emma Stoltzfus was the quilter who created the fantastic quilt at the museum, but I wouldn’t believe him and said there must be 100 quilters in Lancaster County with the same name. Anyone who has been to Lancaster County, PA, knows Stolzfus is a very common name. Happily, I was wrong. And happily, she answered the phone right away and invited us over to her wholesale-only quilt shop.


Kate browsing at E&S Quilts.

Sadly, the Quilt Museum no longer exists and that quilt is missing! Emma has no idea what happened to the fabulous quilt. Fortunately, I still have my friend Emma, who is responsible for this magnificent Old Order Amish quilt I’m giving away to celebrate the release of Starting from Scratch.

Why would an author (me) give away a marvelous quilt? To thank my readers and encouragers. Without you I’d have no reason to write. And to celebrate!

Still time to enter the contest! Winner will be picked on April 10th and announced soon-after. Wishing you all the best of luck!

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