As I left the optometrist a few days ago I was met with a lovely sight: Ravenna Gardens. I couldn’t help but stop to admire the lovely arrangements and blossoms. How did I manage to get out of there without purchasing anything? By reminding myself that it is too early to plant in our garden—I’ve made that mistake before. It’s in the upper 30s right now. Too cold for planting. But soon!

New temptations around every corner!

As I write a book, I consider the time of year akin to a character. Seasons each have their own personality, don’t you think? When writing my novel Stage Fright, I was ready for spring, as I am today. I immersed myself in memories of time spent in Great Britain in Springtime. What fun! Here is a snippet from Stage Fright, what Midwest Reviews called “clean romance reading at its best.”

“Nick drove us through Epping Forest. Out the window, I saw mammoth oak and beech trees sprinkled with lime-green leaves, tall against the pastel blue sky. We passed a grassy meadow. Mist rose as sunlight warmed the ground; the earth looked thick and supple. I imagined a knight galloping across the clearing, his steed’s hooves kicking up clumps of sod.

“Queen Elizabeth I used to hunt here, as did her father, Henry VIII ,” Nick said through the microphone.

Hard to resist these cute daffodils!

Spring is a busy time for my friend and writer Kathleen Kohler and her husband who own and work the organic Silver Maple Farm. When I spoke to her yesterday about choosing seeds ahead of time, I was reminded of one of my favorite characters, Silvia, in my Amish novel A Letter from Lancaster County

Silver Maple Farm grows fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

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