I’ve been pondering New Year’s resolutions. I’m not sure why, because I can’t recall ever making one. Although I could have forgotten, just as I did the resolution.

Not knowing where to turn for information, I tried Google. Even Psychology Today weighed in on the topic. Not that I consider that magazine an infallible source nor did the author provide credentials.

According to one article, over a third of the resolutions disintegrate before the end of January, and more than three quarters are abandoned soon after. What do you think the reason is?

There are 365 days in a year to make a decision to improve an area of your life or strive to achieve a goal. Like writing a blog post ahead of time. Or sending Christmas cards. When I purchased cards this year I’d intended to use them, but only sent out three.


I’m not giving up dark chocolate! I hear it’s good for one’s health.

I asked an older friend if she’d ever made New Year’s resolutions. “Many years ago,” she said. “So much fun making them.” I asked, “Did they work?” She chuckled. “Never. No power in it. They don’t work.”

Amish farmer in Lancaster County, PA.

Amish farmer in Lancaster County, PA.

Do you agree or disagree with her? Have you made a New Year’s resolution? I use the Post-it method to remind myself to get chores done and end up with piles of Post-its. Do you think the Amish make New Year’s Eve resolutions? They are so industrious. How do they manage?


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