Greetings, Everyone! I’m going to be moving my blog closer to home, so to speak, with my website. Starting on February 28, 2014, my blog may be found at All of my previous blog posts will be moved as well so all of your comments will still be there when we complete the move. One of the goals in moving my blog is that, after the move, you won’t need to post your email address in your blog comments.

With February drawing to a close but the air still chilly, I went out on a photo-shoot in search of illusive springtime and was rewarded. I hope you enjoy these pics.

Our deciduous are still bare
Except for these beauties at the U of W Botanical Center
Inside the Botanical Center’s garden plants are coming to life
One block away, a pair of bald eagles fortify their nest
Delicate white flowers heralding the arrival of spring!

Releases June 1, 2014

 Congratulations to Shirley B., winner of a copy of Vannetta Chapman’s cozy mystery Murder Simply Brewed! Thank you to all who entered!