Northwest Sunrise

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t particularly like change. For example, it always takes me weeks to make the shift from “daylight savings” to “regular” time. I keep checking the clocks to make sure they’re right and I’m not running late. Or is that early?

“I wish it would never change,” an Old Order Amish friend in Lancaster County, PA, told me on the phone this morning. She’s closing in on age 80 so she’s seen the time changes flip and flop over her lifetime. She prefers what she calls “slow time” over “fast time.” According to her, some Amish in Lancaster County ignore the official time change completely and some alter it by half an hour, which would set me off-kilter.

Lancaster County Windmill

Another Amish woman, quite a bit younger, told me that her family abides by the government recommended time changes. I asked her about her dad and how that hour’s difference affects milking their large herd of Holsteins. She laughed and indicated the cows had to adapt. Since she works in a retail store, she and her Amish coworkers conform to the world in this one small area in order to get to her place of employment on time. I forgot to ask her when the rooster crows on their farm. An hour earlier or later?

Dusk in Lancaster County

As I Googled for information about daylight savings time I came across a Website that advocates getting rid of it altogether. I’ve heard that the increase in automobile accidents spikes in the spring each year when daylight savings time is initiated, because of the lost hour of sleep and the darkness in the morning.

Last night, when our power went out and my husband was away on a business trip, it was mighty dark except for a sliver of the moon glimmering faint light into our home. Let’s see, what time was that? About 7 o’clock, which would be 8 o’clock daylight savings time. Would I have felt more secure with additional light? Probably. But eventually darkness enshrouded the house and neighborhood. I turned on a battery-operated lantern by the bed, snuggled under the covers, and read.

Emergency Reading Supplies

 How about you? Did you dive back into “regular time” with ease this year? Do you have a preference of one time over the other? Please leave a comment and give me your point of view. Should you wish to enter to win a copy of either Leaving Lancaster or Pennsylvania Patchwork please leave an email address so I can contact you. USA and Canada. Winner has one week to respond.

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