A lot of people might find me weird because I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. Never have made a New Year’s resolution. Not that I can recall anyway.

Many may find me odd for a multitude of reasons. For instance, my husband gave me his old iPhone when he recently updated, but I continue to use my little old-fashioned flip phone. And I don’t text. I have enough squint lines around my eyes as is.

Just to show you how out-of-date I am, I’ve never used a cash machine. And we turn the Wi-Fi off at 7:30 PM for a couple of reasons: I sleep better and I’m forced to take a break from the internet. Time for reading!

I made a humongous resolve when I decided to stop drinking alcoholic beverages. I have nothing against alcohol in moderation, but it messes up my sleep around 2:30AM. When everyone else is snoozing peacefully. And not drinking saves me from having to attend AA meetings. I consider AA an excellent, worthwhile institution.


For family parties, we keep Sparkling Cider and filtered water on hand.

Another biggie was when I drastically cut back on my mega sugar-intake after a doctor mentioned I had an enlarged pancreas. Yikes, that got my attention. And I had a Gluten-Intolerance DNA test (I refuse to call it a disease), that two respected medical doctors stated was a viable test. Boo-hoo, no one loves bread more than I do!

Can you resist a scrumptious dessert at a restaurant?

Can you resist a scrumptious dessert at a restaurant?

Same goes for sugar. But for my health’s sake neither are not on the menu anymore. Except chocolate that’s 85% or higher—it’s an acquired taste.


I only eat the dark chocolate on the far left. The rest are for guests.

Although I don’t make New Years Resolutions, I’ve conquered a few battles … so far. Have you ever made a successful New Years Resolution? What gave you resolve to follow through?


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