I wonder what motivates the Amish to work so hard. Can you think of a group of more industrious and disciplined people? What inspires them?


What motivates Old Order Amish farmers to obey the strict rules of their church district’s Ordnung?

I recently read on Facebook: “So much to do, so little desire to do it.” The words struck me because although desire is a good jumping-off point, it can’t accomplish a task. Many of us want a beautiful garden, but we don’t prepare the soil or select the plants. Others wish to learn to quilt or knit, but never bother to gather the supplies or take their first lesson. Desire without action is not enough.

I’ve a busy day ahead. I imagine the chores awaiting me. Empty the dishwasher, then refill. Never ending laundry to be sorted, washed, and dried. I may have shirts still not folded from the last load several days ago. They’re draped across a chair – alas, not fresh from an Amish clothesline.

At the top of my must-do list today is writing a blog post, but I have no dynamic, sizzling ideas. A walk would activate my thoughts and senses, yet I have no desire to move into action. Know the feeling?

What motivated my husband to finally clean out his home office?

What motivated my husband to finally clean out his home office?

I recall cajoling our sons into finishing their homework. We tried punishment and reward without success. What worked best? I think in the end, their own volition once they discovered what their goals were and realized they had the power to reach them. They both grew into responsible adults and immediately jumped into the workforce without their parents on their case.

My husband, a man who sets his alarm for 4:10 AM, is the epitome of motivation. His goal? To be first at the gym when the front doors open. He is more disciplined than anyone I know. Among other things, he’s a motivational speaker! If you are not sure of what a motivational speaker is or how they can help people in all different areas, you can learn more over at sportsspeakers360.com if you feel like you may be in need.

A huge project almost complete ... after a little cleaning.

A huge project almost complete … after a some sorting and little cleaning.

The word inertia comes to mind. I think of Newton’s first law of motion. A body at rest tends to stay at rest … Something like that.

Amish-made Folded Star, from Lancaster County, PA

Amish-made 18″ diameter Round Folded Star, from Lancaster County, PA.

How do you propel yourself into motion when you’re not in the mood? Motivation or Discipline?Do you have one trick to share with me? Please leave a comment and enter to win this lovely Amish-made Folded Star, from Lancaster County, PA, to be used as a centerpiece or wall hanging. Plus a signed book from The Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy: either Leaving Lancaster, its sequel Pennsylvania Patchwork, or Forever Amish! Winner has three days to respond. USA and Canada.