Last week, while we enjoyed lunch with my mother-in-law, my husband mentioned Mother’s Day. His mom’s eyes lit up; she loves parties. The two decided it should be celebrated at our house. My husband’s handy in the kitchen and I’ve often told him since I’m not his mother, please concentrate on her. She won’t be with us forever.

A lovely visit with my mother-in-law.

A lovely visit with my mother-in-law.

Some wives might come unglued if their husbands didn’t put on a big show for them alone. Is there something wrong with me? Now, if my sons sent me a card or brought flowers, I’d be thrilled.

For me, Mother’s Day weaves threads of joy and sadness. My mother died in her sixties, way too young. Many women desperately long to be mothers but can’t. I recently read several poignant stories and articles in that little Amish magazine Family Life about the subject.

Two of my friends have lost their only child. Would Mother’s Day be fun for them? I wrote my book, Forever Amish, about a woman who was abandoned by her mother. It happens.

On the other hand, several acquaintances have chosen not to have children.

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world,  I assumed the Amish celebrate it, but to make sure I contacted two Amish friends. The woman in Lancaster County said yes, but “It’s not a holiday.”

“Oh my YES!” was my friend in Northern Indiana’s answer. “We take them out shopping, give a gift, and just whatever…” She added, “I am Old Order, so maybe the Swartzentruber Amish wouldn’t do as much.” (more conservative.)


Mothers with their children on an adventure.

How about you? Are you eagerly awaiting Mother’s Day or is it simply a Hallmark Holiday you’d just as soon skip? As an author, I can think of a dozen scenarios where Mother’s Day wouldn’t be a jubilant occasion. On the other hand, I’m sure it will be festive for many, including my mother-in-law.


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