Am I the only one left who thinks boys and girls are different? In my experience, boys tend to be boys, no matter how much their mothers dislike their converting sticks into weapons or throwing rocks. And girls? Well, they are far more apt to like this little Amish-made doll.


Do you think a man or woman owns this pickup?

Some might disagree. They could scoff at the fact that as a child I wanted to be like my mother. All nurture versus nature, they’d claim, not knowing that I was a bit of a Tomboy, who wasn’t afraid of spiders and snakes, and still am not. I suppose that could be chalked up to nurturing since my mother was fearless. And feminine. The consummate hostess, who considered my father head of the house.

Hey, wait a minute. Was I really a tomboy? I couldn’t and still can’t throw a ball worth a hoot. And I loved to play dolls with my sister.

In Amish homes, boys’ and girls’ roles are well defined, although there are Amish girls who prefer working in the barn and fields, and Amish men who are fine cooks. Some men even assist with kitchen cleanup. But after a strenuous day of work, most Amish men are gracious enough to allow the wife and daughters to claim that dubious pleasure. I’ve seen girls and women toiling in the field along side the men, especially around harvest time. And boys weeding in vegetable gardens.

Amish women join in to help men harvest in Lancaster County, PA.

Amish women join in to help men harvest in Lancaster County, PA.

Do you think coed bathrooms are perfectly fine? Would you mind your college student showering along side someone of the opposite sex with no privacy, a practice that’s been happening in colleges for years? I could not find one article on the Internet arguing that they’re wrong.

Recently our president installed the first gender-neutral bathroom in the White House.

What do think? Are the differences between boys and girls hardwired and should stay that way? Would you be willing to go to a conference at a college with coed dorm rooms ? Do you think we could learn a few lessons from the Amish?

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Amish-made Doll from Lancaster County, PA

Amish-made Doll from Lancaster County, PA