Which Modern Convenience Would You Miss?

Take an author (me) who requires quiet solitude to complete her sequel to Leaving Lancaster, and sprinkle in a handful of electricians rewiring her house (old plaster walls, dust everywhere!), a construction company outside drilling up sidewalks and digging 6-foot deep trenches to install electrical and cable wires, the appearance of professionals like roofing companies austin coming over and repair the leaking/broken roof and what do you get? A woman wondering if she’d be happier living on an Amish farm. Which got me thinking and asking: If I lived on an Old Order Amish farm, which modern convenience would I miss the most?

Thank you to the many who responded to my question! Here are some answers:

Marsha wrote: “I’d miss electricity the most because I think it’s the most dynamic important “convenience” that God ever allowed man to invent. Without electricity, our entire society, yea the world, would revert back to the 1800s or the Amish way of life …”

Sherry said: “the electric so I can have my fans. I was at my Amish friend’s house and it gets pretty warm …”

Terri agreed: “I think electricity in general, how often do you turn on a light?”

Karen wrote: “Most likely this would be electricity, because without electricity, few things would run in a house or barn. Right now our electricity runs the pump for water, run appliances … lights, opening the large garage door to get the vehicle out, machine sewing … It can drain your finances from time to time which is why using sites like Power to Choose Texas and alternatives to compare energy rates and plans can be good as they help you make savings here and there. It all adds up so it is worth doing.”

Linda said: “I would miss my electricity … because I am soo spoiled by using the modern way to wash clothes …but the Amish life is very interesting…their life is so simple and they are such close knit and help each other and learn the trade so early in life…a lot of us could learn a lot from them … I just love reading about ’em.”

Kathleen wrote: “computer but then, I would write letters!!”

Lindy said: “I would probably miss my automatic washing machine …”

Sharon and Alice agreed: Air conditioning, as did Susie, who wrote: “Air condition would be it. I cannot live without it, if it breaks you can guarantee I will have contacted an ac repair company within seconds! But, I guess if I had always lived there I wouldn’t know what it is, so I wouldn’t miss it.”

amishfarmLauren: “I would probably miss the convenience of our gas heat-especially in the winter …”

Mary wrote: “Inside plumbing, I hated our outhouse out behind the garage in the snow when I was expecting our first daughter.”

Shaun wrote: “The number one thing I would miss would be the indoor plumbing, like the bathroom. When I go camping …”

Carol said: “Running water. Tree roots have damage my drains before, and we had it fixed fast. It was awful going without for a while.”

Tammy wrote: “If I lived on an Amish farm I would miss a washing machine, central air and a real hot bath/shower.”

Anne said: “I would miss an electric washing machine! I’m not fond of doing laundry by hand :)”

Carol wrote: “Washer & Dryer” & Judy echoed: “I would miss my washer and dryer!”

Kat wrote: “If I lived on an Old Order Amish Farm, I have to say indoor plumbing is the modern convenience that I would miss the most. I love hot showers and couldn’t see using an outhouse as a regular thing. Everything else I could grow use to kinda like camping.”

Mindy wrote:
“THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(So it goes without saying my computer.)”

Murray said: “laptop” (author note: How many Murrays are there?)

Crystal: “This is a difficult question as my life is already simplified. Unfortunately, I must say the internet as it is my main source of communication with friends and family. But if they were also Old Order Amish, then I would not need to worry about that.”

Renee: “On an Old Order Amish farm, I’d most miss my Kindle. But as long as I had coffee to drink as I read, I’d make it through.”

Andrea: “I would miss being able to get into my car and go wherever, whenever I please …”

Ramy said: “iPhone” & Joan said: “her smart phone!”

Barbara wrote: “MY CELL PHONE!!! I use it for everything, facebook, GPS, pictures, etc. I sure would miss that, I communicate with everyone and thing on that crazy thing!!! It just amazes me how our world has changed, it sure would be nice to go back in time, where life was a lot slower paced and we could depend on our neighbors to be there for us.’

Much food for thought! More answers and an update on my electrical/sidewalk saga to come in the future!