Open-ChestHurray, I found my favorite blue earrings! Again. After searching for them for months, I gave up and bought another pair, thanks to a gift certificate from our younger son. I bought the new pair over the phone after seeing a photo of them, and wouldn’t you know it? Almost immediately I found my formerly favorites right where I’d hidden them—I assume from thieves who might break in. I’d remunerated and retraced my steps so many times. Then suddenly—poof—I recalled where I’d stashed them, in the bottom of a hanging zippered bag in my closet.

Zippered-BagMy beautiful sparkly new earrings arrived and were different enough I decided I must have them both. I now owned a new pair of favorite earrings. But had I learned my lesson? Apparently not, because a few weeks ago I realized I couldn’t locate either pair. To complicate matters, our son was coming home for a visit and I wanted to show him what he’d given me!

I figured I’d hidden them in the same spot, but not true. So I searched what I thought was every possible location. Under socks, inside storage boxes … I kept asking myself how I could be so dumb. Our son never did get to see them during his visit.

SocksGood news! I located them both, nestled together having fun without me, in my shoe rack. I made a mental promise to not hide things from myself again. But can I keep it? Have you ever done something like this? Do you have a secret hiding place? (Don’t tell us where!)




I found this lovely Amish-made potholder in our sewing room. Had I meant to keep it for myself? No matter, I’m offering the potholder plus a signed copy of one book from the Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy: Your choice of Leaving Lancaster, Pennsylvania Patchwork, or Forever Amish!


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TrilogyCongratulations to this week’s three winners: Lynn G, Ellen F, Jan V. Thank you to everyone who left a comment! I think some of you could be writers yourselves!