Time for me to visit Zook’s again. My goddaughter is getting married. The wedding is outside and has a beach theme. I am taking care of the appetizer table so I would like to find some seashell print fabric to make a table runner. With all the great novelty fabrics Zook’s has, I am sure I will have several “perfect” fabrics to choose from.

I was talking to Herb the other day, and he shared with me a great story about Lizzie Zook that I would like to pass on to you.
The time is 1998 and Herb is a sales rep for Needlecraft. He was in the area and decided to stop in at Zook’s and see if Lizzie had some time to look at the new fabrics that were coming out. As he poked his head inside the office, Lizzie was meeting with a gentleman by the name of Dan, the sales rep from Hoffman Fabrics.    
Hoffman is known for its beautiful Batiks and Island-themed prints that are bold and bright. Dan is known for his sense of humor and his 6′ 7″ stature. Since Dan is so tall, he had a problem finding pants that were long enough to fit properly. Dan’s wife was a sewer and together they decided she could
use the Hoffman fabric and make him pants. Dan is a very secure individual and not at all bothered by what someone might think of his choice of clothing. Needless to say, Dan and his pants became well known. In fact, there is even a  children’s book that has been written called “Dan’s Pants,” and it is all about how not to be afraid to be different.
Now close your eyes and picture this scene in your mind. Dan is dressed in pants that were covered in bright yellow bananas with a matching yellow shirt, and he is showing fabric to an elderly lady who is Old Order Amish wearing an all-black dress and apron. This was a sight that even to this day makes Herb chuckle when he remembers it.
Hope you enjoyed Herb’s little “walk down memory lane.” If so, let us know as we have lots more to share . . . 
If you are going to be in the Lancaster, PA area, make plans to visit Zook’s and spend time in town!
Sandy Jenkins is the co-website manager for Sauder’s/This-n-That Fabrics. She has lived in Chester County (next door to Lancaster County) for the past 30 years.