My new novel Starting from Scratch is receiving rave reviews!

What makes Starting from Scratch unique from my other Amish novels?

In spite of years of research into the Amish lifestyle and culture, up until now I’ve felt a bit uneasy writing about them. I’ve written my previous novels from an English point of view. You may recall Holly in bestsellers Leaving Lancaster and Pennsylvania Patchwork, and Sally from Forever Amish. Both main characters were English, living amongst the Amish. I took scrupulous care writing these stories because I didn’t want my Amish friends and readers to find inconsistencies or incorrect information in my books.

Now, after years of research, numerous visits to Pennsylvania, and so many treasured Amish friends in Lancaster County telling me I portray them correctly, my confidence has grown.

One day while contemplating my next writing project, my main character Eva Lapp, a young Amish woman, presented herself to me in 3-D Technicolor. She took me on an unexpected journey of twists and turns!

I invite you to read Starting from Scratch, told from Eva’s perspective. You can read the first chapter now!

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