And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

– Genesis 1:3


I have always considered myself an early riser so I can get my journaling and some writing done first thing before the clutter of the day takes over. But these dark mornings, especially when it’s raining, are getting me down.

At least I don’t need to get out and about until 7:30 to see the sunrise, which I appreciate greatly. But enough already with this darkness. Thankfully I don’t suffer from SAD, but I do appreciate light!

One of the loveliest things to see this time of year are the strings of Christmas lights on houses, trees, city streets, or even on a few cars!

I enjoy seeing the lights on our Christmas tree and on our menorah  during Hanukkah, which has just come and gone for the year. The lights have always been my favorite part of Christmas. In the midst of the long, dark, and cold nights, the lights – twinkling or static, white or gold or green or red or whatever color – always cheer me up. 

A couple of tractors getting in the festive mood.

It is so easy to get caught up in the flurry of things we feel we must get done before Christmas, or stressed over creating a ‘perfect’ holiday for our family or friends. The lights are a reminder to bring light and warmth and joy to those around me.

My menorah when not in a window.

A contest is a fun way to bring light to a gloomy day, don’t you think? Please forgive me for relying on Amazon gift cards so much, but I am out of gift ideas. Plus, the winner may wish to buy someone else a present. Also included, the winner may choose one of my signed novels.

Winner has three days to respond. US only, unless the winner is from Canada and is willing to take a Kindle and an E-gift card, which are always fun because they come so quickly!