People often give me a quizzical look when I tell them my two favorite places to visit are Lancaster County, PA, and New York City. What two locations could be further apart and yet so close together on the map?

Fond memories of Lancaster County in autumn.

Fond memories of Lancaster County in autumn.

I’m not visiting the Big Apple in the near future for a multitude of reasons. Lancaster County is another story. I can’t wait to get back! Just thinking about Lancaster County makes my blood pressure lower. I could write a whole book on what I love about that area, including the many friends I have made.

Patience is often required when traveling behind a buggy. Worth it!

When chatting on the phone with a Mennonite relative in New Holland, PA, recently, a story began to coagulate in my brain that would incorporate both Mennonites and Old Order Amish. And why Christmas? I don’t know about you, but I love Christmas stories all year round.

Anyone who knows me knows I love giveaways! But my new book, A Lancaster Family Christmas, does not release in paperback until September 28, 2021.

The Lloyds and Piper on the beach

The cover of my new book, A Lancaster Family Christmas, releasing Sept. 28.  I couldn’t love this cover more!  Preorder on Amazon and save on the Kindle eBook!

I love these dolls sewn by an Old Order Mennonite Horse and Buggy seamstress that my friend Herb of Zook’s Fabrics located for me. Sadly, he is selling the business, but we plan to remain in contact. He and his wife have even visited me in our Seattle home.

If you have a hankering for these unique dolls, please enter my giveaway! Winner must respond within three days. US only. (Sorry, Karla and all my other Canadian friends. )