Recently, the oldie song “The Other Man’s Grass is Always Greener” has been weaving its way through my mind as I walk in the neighborhood. I can’t help noticing the many parched lawns and drooping bushes. Yet, some lawns are emerald green, an expensive investment in a city with high water rates.

A psychologist claims there’s a “Grass is Always Greener syndrome”, which extends far beyond yards and foliage. I admit to comparing myself to others, especially writers who are able to churn out copious numbers of books. Fortunately, I watch Nancy Pearl’s TV program and I’ve heard several successful authors say, “I write slowly.” I don’t write slowly, but publishing a novel seems to take forever, especially when research and editing is required.

Does my admiration for this lovely garden entrance cross the line to envy?

Does my admiration for this lovely garden entrance cross the line to envy?

I think this comparing myself to others infuses all parts of my life, and I’m guessing many share the same malady. He or she is better looking, has a cuter figure, owns a snazzier car, a larger house … The list goes on. What can you think of?

Several years ago, I was surprised when I heard that many people on Twitter and Facebook feel inadequate after reading about others’ accomplishments. The reader actually feels lonelier. I’ve met many fabulous people on Facebook and enjoy communicating with them, and would never want to give them up. But I admit to occasional pangs of envy. How about you?

Is comparing ourselves with others a losing battle? Do you think the Amish suffer from the same malady? I’m guessing they do even though they’re admonished not to. What do you think might be some ways they compare themselves to others?

Neat and tidy is an Amish trait.

Oh, my, the green does seem greener in Lancaster County, PA.

Have you pondered living the Amish life? A miniscule number of English (non-Amish people) successfully join the Amish church and live their lifestyle. I feel the pull, but of course wouldn’t be writing to you on my computer. Nor would you be reading it. What about the Amish lifestyle is so compelling? Is their grass greener?

Are you satisfied with your life? Does anyone live with complete contentment?

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Enter to win this Amish-made log-cabin pattern pillow and a signed novel.

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