One reason I drive a 1995 car—even though my husband has encouraged me to purchase a newer model—is because I don’t like change.

Yet I’m jazzed every year about the approach of autumn. It’s not as if I haven’t had a wonderful summer; we’ve enjoyed the best weather in the Northwest I can recall. But I love the transition of one season to another. Almost miniscule variations, like a shriveled leaf on the ground, the smell of dried grass, a clean, brisk hint in the air.

Early Morning Sky

Pre-Dawn Moon

I also enjoy the rising sun, the pink display illuminating the sky in the morning. 6:15 seems reasonable compared to 4:30 AM. We don’t actually see the sun rise from our house, but the sky tells the story, and I watch our yard come to life. In the evening, the sky and clouds transform as their color drains. I keep a string of white Christmas tree lights (the little kind) on our fence right outside our kitchen window. They’re on a timer and continued to illuminate in the evening all summer and are on whenever I get up: a good morning greeting! I can imagine some of you are thinking I’m a little odd, and you could be right.

Many changes are beyond our control. A child maturing to adulthood and leaving the nest, perhaps making poor choices. The death of a spouse, a beloved relative, or friend. Some catastrophic occurrences turn our lives up-side-down: tornadoes, fire, or flood, illness. An automobile crash. A husband or wife announcing out of the blue that he or she has met the love of their life and is leaving—forever.

Of course, surprisingly delightful changes arise too: a new baby!  Puppies and kittens.

How about you? Do you enjoy change, be it a new hairdo, a different job, or a quilting or gardening project. Are you the type who can’t wait to finish a book so you can start another? Or do you read more slowly when you get to the final chapters to savor the story and the characters the way I do? No wonder it takes me so long to get through a good book. How about the approach of fall? Do you see it as the end of summer or the beginning of a new season?

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