The Old Order Amish attend church services every other week in Lancaster County. On alternate Sundays, the Amish often gather informally in various homes for social interaction and treats. Doesn’t that sound fun? I’d love to be included!


At the other end of the spectrum, folks in Seattle rarely pop in on each other without a certified invitation. Have you heard the term “Seattle Freeze”? I hadn’t until recently, but had discussed the predisposition with my husband and friends for many years. By in large, people in Seattle seem very friendly … on the outside. They might even think they are because they wave as they drive by.


I visited a man with a new coop.

I googled the term Seattle Freeze and found this on Wikipedia. On Urban Dictionary, I read this quote: “Every. Single. One. of the people I know who re-located here from another state will tell you it’s hard to make friends here. They may not know the term “Seattle Freeze” but they well know the phenomenon. The only people who will deny it grew up here, and even many of them acknowledge it.”

I chuckled, but it’s sadly true.

This weekend, I tried an experiment at our beach cabin. I strolled to three neighbors’ homes, knocked on the door, and paid friends a short visit. I knew ahead of time I wouldn’t care if the person’s kitchen was immaculately clean or if their living room had been fluffed. In the last case, I was most handsomely rewarded. Not that anything is sweeter then friendship, unless it’s Amish friendship-bread.


And was rewarded with fresh eggs!

Had you heard of the term Seattle Freeze? Do you wish you had Amish neighbors who might stop by for a visit? Do you even know your neighbors? Do you have friends who offer to bring in your mail when you’re away or has an Arctic chill enshrouded your town too? Would you dare drop in on a neighbor, or do you enjoy unexpected guests? Maybe you already get too many?

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