Amish-FarmI guess I’m not the patient person I thought I was. I remember anticipating Christmas and the day my parents finally broke down and bought our first dog. When our sons were young, the boys and their friends rarely got on my nerves while they scrambled around the house. Only a patient woman could love youngsters and teenagers as I do. So, what’s been hard about waiting for Forever Amish, my newest novel, to release?

I think of the months and months of research on the Amish, preparation, writing and rewriting. I started with a kernel of an idea, planted, fertilized, allowed the seeds of inspiration to take shape, pruned it, then worked with an editor and book cover designer … But I’ve been circling in a holding pattern for months.

I can’t wait for my new characters to spring to life and intertwine with some of the folks you already know from Leaving Lancaster and Pennsylvania Patchwork!

The official release date is June 5, but Forever Amish is for sale on Amazon! In preparation for all the festivities to follow I thought giving away a copy of Forever Amish was appropriate! Plus a copy of Leaving Lancaster and Pennsylvania Patchwork!

Here’s my question if you’re up for it. What do you do when you’re feeling impatient and wish time would flash by like a slingshot?



Leave a comment and enter to win all three books in the Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy, including newly released Forever Amish! US and Canada. Winner has one week to respond.

To be Released June 5, 2014

To be Released June 5, 2014

Congratulations to Donna B., last week’s winner of a signed copy of either Leaving Lancaster or Pennsylvania Patchwork. Thank you, everyone, for your many entertaining comments!