Greetings and thank you to all who have encouraged me! I am overwhelmingly grateful for the positive response to my latest novel, Forever Amish, book three in the Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy!

I received a lovely email the other day:

I just finished Forever Amish and I loved it! Your writing has only gotten better and better.

I realize not everyone is going to like my writing or even care to read about the Amish. I’ve received many a blank stare when I mention the word Amish. Although bogus TV reality shows have brought them unwanted attention.

I spoke to a young man from China last week, here to earn his PhD in statistics, who had never heard of the Amish. But he was fascinated to learn how they and Mennonites had fled persecution and death from Europe.

I explained that Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, who’d been imprisoned several times in England for converting to Quakerism, a group that refused to swear an oath of loyalty to the king. After spending time in jail, Penn bargained with the English government, which owed Penn’s family back wages, and was repaid with a charter colony in North America in1681 by King Charles ll, who named the new colony Penn’s Woods in honor of William Penn’s deceased father. Penn called the capital city Philadelphia, meaning the City of Brotherly Love to reflect his desire that his colony become a safe place for Quakers and other oppressed Christians seeking religious freedom.

This unique offer attracted not only Quakers persecuted in England. Amish and Mennonites and many other groups from across Europe flocked to this new safe haven and the finest of soils for farming.

I did not receive a bored stare from the young Chinese man, because the Amish and Mennonites are fascinating!

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