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Kate’s Favorite Pics

All my favorite photos have Piper in them, though she doesn’t cooperate for the camera. Some dogs are camera hogs, but Piper is definitely not one of them. I think she honestly doesn’t know what the fuss is about, and unless a treat is involved, really couldn’t care less.


Kate Lloyd's dog Piper

Piper is, once again, off exploring some intriguing scent. Not looking at the camera.

Kate Lloyd's dog Piper

If Piper’s guilty look doesn’t give away the fact she’s been digging in the yard, the dirt mustache she’s sporting does.

Kate Lloyd laughing with Piper

Piper’s attempt to distract me from my new book is certainly working.

Kate Lloyd and dog Piper

My husband took advantage of the fine weather to go flying. Piper came to see us off.