When you hear the words Comfort Food what do you think? Ice Cream? Mashed Potatoes? Popcorn? Amish Whoopee Pies?

I admit I’ve eaten a bowl of popcorn for dinner!

I admit I’ve eaten a bowl of popcorn for dinner!

A friend recently told me that foods consumed by a child or pre-teen become that person’s comfort food for life. Really? I got online and started to research. Sure enough, I found studies proving he was correct.

On the other hand, I also read several articles based on studies claiming the consumption of Comfort Foods brings no comfort. During the testing, the “guinea pigs” might experience a fleeting time of comfort from anxiety, but no longer than the subjects who ate food they didn’t crave, or those who ate nothing.

One article claimed Comfort Food is a myth. The conclusion of a double-blind study proved that people give comfort food homage for an elevated mood, which would have occurred without the particular food.


Yes, I could find a treat in this case to elevate my mood!

What a surprise when I asked a dear friend if she had a comfort food. She sighed blissfully and said, “Yes, olive oil and vinegar over lettuce.” Huh?

So, I asked a neighbor, who told me she did enjoy desserts, but she didn’t consider them comfort foods.

Does Ice Cream beckon you from the freezer?

Does Ice Cream beckon you from the freezer?

Now, I’m confused. Is the notion of Comfort Food a myth? Do you have a Comfort Food?

Do you think the Amish have Comfort Foods? Does all Amish food bring comfort?


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