Hurray, we’re home from another marvelous visit to Lancaster County, PA! Not until I began writing about the Amish did my husband and I celebrate our autumn anniversary in glorious Lancaster County. Can you think of a better place for me to do research on the Amish and the location? My husband enjoys chauffeuring me at a leisurely pace—even when I yell “Stop!” so I can take a photo. Over the years, we’ve grown close to many folks in Lancaster County, both Amish and English, not to mention relatives we’ve come to know better.

With views like this Amish farm, is it any wonder I make my husband stop so I can take a photo?

With views like this Amish farm, is it any wonder I make my husband stop so I can take a photo?

In the past, my husband and I have each forgotten our anniversary. When I overlooked the auspicious date, my spouse thought I was joking. I mean, how many wives forget their anniversary? However, the very next year my husband—a man with a remarkable memory who can be quite annoying when playing Trivial Pursuit  —forgot our anniversary. Of course, I let him. We’re even, thus no hard feelings.

No forgetting now that we travel across country to Pennsylvania! We even decided not to exchange cards or gifts. One less must-do, but he occasionally randomly brings me flowers.

Always work to be done on an Amish farm!

Always work to be done on an Amish farm!

Recently, an English friend told me a fun and true story about herself. She and her high school sweetie got married, but soon divorced. Both remarried, but their next spouses died. Years later, the lonely man told his children the only woman he’d want to date was his first wife, my friend. They encouraged him to locate her. Fast forward: the two love-birds retied the knot last year and are ecstatic. How cool is that? I should ask her which anniversary they celebrate.

Can you think of anniversaries that have nothing to do with marriage?

Do you celebrate a unique or quirky accomplishment? For an author, it might be the first day his or her article or book was published, or was a top-10 finalist, or won an award. One year ago, my husband self-published his first book. Happy anniversary, to him!

How about the day you or a friend were pronounced cancer free? The day you or he/she gained sobriety?  The day you opened a business or graduated from a class? I remember the morning a woman I’d known most of my life, called me, her voice ringing with jubilation, to tell me the last of her three children was officially in school. Although, I suppose this could make some mothers sad. How about you? What gives you cause to celebrate?

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