Last night my husband asked me if I was putting up Christmas decor early or if it was left over from last year. “A photo-shoot,” I said. “I need to take pictures of prizes for a Keeping up with the Amish Facebook group online event on September 30, two days after RELEASE Day, September 28th. I’m excited!  And I enjoy these Christmas decorations. They’re staying.  You must join the Keeping up with the Amish Facebook group to be part of the online event and have a chance to win some fun prizes.

People ask me where I get my ideas. The story of A Lancaster Family Christmas took root in my mind after speaking to a Mennonite relative who lives in Lancaster County, PA. Then the fun began.

Some authors outline their stories. I see the advantages, but I first visualize the beginning and the ending and the general storyline, then fill in the blanks. So much fun for me to unravel the story, meet and develop the characters, and embark on a fictional adventure in my head that often keeps me up at night.

Have you entered my 100 e-book giveaway at Goodreads?  If you’re waiting for the paperback, it will be available September 28th. I can’t wait to hold one in my hands!

Lastly, there’s a fun giveaway right here! Enter for a chance to win this beautiful wall hanging made by an Old Order Horse-and-Buggy Mennonite. Size: 37” by 37” Winner will be announced on September 29.

Sorry, but only those in US may enter because of postage costs. Winner has three days to reply.