“A book is a dream that you hold in your hands.” Neil Gaiman

Making new friends can be tough, even if they live across the street from you. (A future storyline?) But thanks to all of you, I have a fabulous group of friends whom I appreciate more than you can ever know. Not to mention the terrific authors, editors, and agents I’ve met along the way. Over this last year our state has been locked down and still is. Inch by inch we’ll loosen up, I hope. I look forward to chatting again with folks at the public library!

This photo  I found in Scotland always makes me smile.

This photo I found in Scotland always makes me smile.

I’ll let in on a little something. Some days I’m a wee bit lonely. I want a new dog, a Cairn or a border terrier. The border I’m speaking of is between England and Scotland.  A rugged area I’ve visited, plus my dad was of Scottish heritage.  He was a Campbell, to be exact.

Knowing my struggle and frustration to find a dog, my husband suggested we simply fly over to Scotland and pick one up. How hard could that be? I laughed.

My darling Millie being shown by a friend lived 16+ years.

My darling Millie, being shown by a friend, lived 16+ years.

As I write this blog post the trip is impossible as Great Britain is completely locked down. The start of a new book? you ask. Possibly. I never know what might snag my curiosity.

Castle Campbell

Castle Campbell

Writing a complete novel is an arduous task so I don’t enter into it lightly. I usually have an idea of the storyline and the characters, but not until I dive in do they become real to me. Sometimes they surprise me by doing all sorts of zany things.

Lucy and Tabatha certainly did the unexpected in my most recent novel From Rome with Love. Not to mention my novel’s other characters. If you’ve read the book you know what I mean. And all sorts of idiosyncrasies erupted in Stage Fright much to my surprise. My characters take on lives of their own and tell me what to do.

I had a pretty good idea how both books would start and finish but not how we’d get there. Among all the books I’ve written, From Rome with Love was the book that caught me off guard the most. But then again, it is the most recent book I wrote. Not counting my Mennonite/Amish Christmas novella, still to be published.

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