Handbags and purses have a long and illustrious history, but is there anything a man from North America dislikes more than carrying his wife’s purse? How did pocketbooks get such a bad rap? I’ve seen real men carrying small, handsome leather purses in Italy. I read recently that men in Sicily have gone so far as to change the word for purse, la borsa (feminine noun), to il borsello (masculine noun). But better not quote me; I’ll have to ask friends from my Italian group to verify this.

Don’t you love the fact that if you’re with a group of women and ask, “Does anyone have a nail-file, a pen, a piece of paper, or a Tylenol,” some kind soul will reach into their purse and find the item. Women are generous that way, and few are without a handbag. I have friends who aspire to carry the smallest purses they can, but eventually reading glasses or some balky item will prompt them to move to a size larger. One dear friend insists on using a purse barely large enough to hold a checkbook, but I notice she now carries a larger bag in which she inserts her purse. What’s the good of that? But she’s content, so who am I to disapprove?

I admit, I own more purses than I use. In fact, several have sat idle for years. But they were gifts from my husband or the such, and I may change my mind and want to use them someday. In the summer, I might use that beige purse, although I never seem to. Or I might take a trip to a tropical island. Not.

I think I’m using the perfect purse right now, because it will carry my necessities and stand up by itself. However its black interior camouflages my keys, etc. The truth is: there is no perfect purse. Or am I wrong? Do you own it? What are you’re thoughts?

A fun Amish-made Handbag & Change Purse from Lancaster County!

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