Amish-Farm“What would the Amish be doing?” my husband asked me when I told him I didn’t want to watch TV after we’d finished eating.

Kitchen-Fireplace“They’d be sprucing up the kitchen,” I said, glancing into the gloomy dark sky. “By hand, no dishwasher.”

I neglected to mention that I’d slumped in front of the television much of the afternoon watching the last half of “Gone with the Wind,” a rare occurrence for me. I usually don’t watch TV during the day, but I had to find out how the movie was going to end. (Ha, ha.)

Family-LifeIf my husband and I didn’t have centralized heating, like the Amish, we’d be much more likely to stay in the same room after our evening meal. A warm kitchen and living room would be our options. I think of how our children used to clear the table and fill the dishwasher, then wander off to their bedrooms to hopefully do homework. At that time, we didn’t allow computers in their rooms, but we would have no doubt given in by now. With texting, I don’t know how English (non-Amish) parents keep their children’s attention.

Game-ClosetWe didn’t and still don’t have a TV at our beach cabin. When young, the kids brought friends; they beach-combed, played softball, and roasted marshmallows. We parents joined in board games with them and developed friendships with those tremendous young men.

Do any of you have an idea for after supper entertainment for a couple of empty-nesters like my husband and me that doesn’t involve leaving the house or watching TV? Leave a comment and enter to win a signed copy of Leaving Lancaster or Pennsylvania Patchwork. USA and Canada. Winner has one week to respond.

Congratulations to Lisa S., last week’s winner of a signed copy of Leaving Lancaster or Pennsylvania Patchwork! Thank you everyone who left a comment. I enjoyed reading them very much.





To be Released on June 1, 2014

To be Released on June 1, 2014