“What do you want to do for our anniversary this year?” my husband asked me over dinner. In the past, instead of exchanging gifts, we’ve gone shopping together and purchased a household item both of us could enjoy. One year a brass lamp, another a refrigerator … not romantic, but practical.

 “How about another trip to Lancaster County?” I said, and shrugged. Travelling to Pennsylvania four years in a row on our anniversary was a bit much to ask of a man who is short on time; he owns a small business, thus works long days and many weekends. We live on the West coast and he travels often, making him an unlikely candidate to drop everything and head for Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

But without waiting for my sales pitch, he said, “Okay.”

“Are you sure you’re free?” I envisioned his hectic calendar and treasured clients.

He smiled back, the sweetheart that he is. “Give me the dates and I’ll make the reservations.” He had nothing planned for the weekend of our anniversary (clever man) and could shuffle his client calls. He told me he finds Lancaster County relaxing. Phew!

Reservations made, the timer clicked down until three days prior to departure, when my newly edited Amish manuscript arrived to be “rewritten.” The editor had made suggestions, the first go-round, and there was work-work-work ahead! That would just have to wait, I decided. I was not going to fly all the way to Lancaster County to sit in front of my computer!

My husband and I just got home last night. We had a fabulous time and perfect weather, unlike last year when we barely missed Hurricane Sandy’s wrath—literally by a few hours. And the year before: a slip-and-slide snowstorm that closed the Philly Airport right after our departure.

Did I make the best choice? If you were offered a trip to anywhere would you opt to visit Amish country, where life moves at a slower pace, instead of a hustling bustling, glitzy metropolis? If you went to an Amish community, what would you do first? Where would you head? Out for a scrumptious snack or off on a shopping spree? To Zook’s Fabrics in Intercourse, PA, as we did our first day to pay a call on the owner? While there, I scanned the aisles hoping to run into Karla H, who’s been known to hang out there. In fact, I hear tell she was spotted in Zook’s in my novel Pennsylvania Patchwork. Did you recognize her?

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