Sisters’ Day appears to be a unique tradition among the Amish. The sisters in the family might meet monthly for companionship, quilting, harvesting vegetables, preserving, baking, or cleaning a home, perhaps in preparation for an upcoming wedding or church service.

A Bill Coleman photo used with his permission

In Donald Kraybill’s excellent book, The Riddle of the Amish Culture, I found this: “‘Often times,’ said one woman, ‘we take our sewing and just talk while the children play.’ Some sisters sew comforters that are distributed to refugees in other countries by the Mennonite Central Committee.”

My sister and I chatting with the real Santa Claus

I am blessed to have a fabulous sister who lives nearby. We both think we were our parents’ favorite. (How did they manage that?) She’s the one person in the world who can make me laugh uncontrollably during a serious ballet or less than stellar opera performance. If something strikes one of us as funny, both revert to giggling five-year-olds. Once, during an opera, we had to get up and leave. I admit, when we get together we usually chat over a meal. But sometimes we go to a nursery and choose flowers and shrubs, and then she helps me plant them, which is a great gift, especially if it’s a tree going into a huge pot. My fern garden was her idea. Spending time with her is always a pleasure. Do we agree on everything? Heavens, no. But it makes little difference.  Our friendship and love for each other is a lifetime commitment.

My sister and I recently at Queen Mary Tea Room

There are only two sisters in our family, unlike some Amish families that might have six. You may not have a sister. But you could have a brother, a cousin, mother, aunt, or a friend—maybe several—who would serve that purpose of fellowship and communal work. Work is much more fun when you have company! I think of the times my sister helped me go through my clothes and nudged me to put several in the giveaway bag. She has a great talent for neatness and organization, not my forte.

There is actually an official Sister’s Day in August that I stumbled across on Google.  But why wait for one day in August to show your sister you appreciate her? That goes for all the people in your life.

Do you have a sister, sister-in-law, or a special friend you spend time with? What do you do together?

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