Stories of Second Chances

Come, venture into Kate’s fictional world. No secrets hidden under her rugs, nor neglected childhood passions stilting her characters’ growth, nor feuds splitting families down to their very foundations.

Or are there?

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A Letter From Lancaster County is on sale now for only 99¢ at most online e-book vendors.

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My second book in the Lancaster Discovery Series, Starting from Scratch, is available for purchase or order!

Don’t forget to save the receipt!  A fabulous Giveaway waits around the corner to celebrate Starting from Scratch’s birthday you won’t want to miss.

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The second book in the Lancaster Discoveries Series is available for purchase or order!

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“From the whirlwind beginning to the delightfully unexpected ending, Starting from Scratch is an adventurous tale of life as you rarely see it.”
Naomi Miller, author of the Amish Sweet Shop Mystery series

“In Starting from Scratch, Kate Lloyd creates a delightful cast of characters with flaws to which we can all relate. This is a story rich with details from the Lancaster County Amish countryside. You’ll want to keep turning the pages through the twists and turns to discover if Eva makes the right choices in love and faith.”
Kelly Irvin, author of the Amish of Bee County series

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Kate’s Favorite Pics!

Please help me congratulate Sabrina Templin, winner of the exquisite Amish-made 39” table-runner/wall hanging, plus one signed copy of A Letter from Lancaster County, or one signed copy of a book from The Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy, either Leaving Lancaster, its...

Creating from Scratch

While I eagerly await the release of my next novel, Starting from Scratch, I've pondered the title. As several of you mentioned on my last blog post, many things start from scratch other than cooking. Although a good home-made meal is hard to beat. Last year, Harvest...

Kate’s Favorite Pics!

Please help me congratulate Linda Landreth, winner of the darling Amish-made apron, towel, and washrag from Lancaster County, plus a signed copy of A Letter from Lancaster County, or one book from The Legacy of Lancaster County Trilogy: either Leaving...